About Staffing

We believe staffing is the backbone of a great event. An experienced, dedicated crew means smooth sailing on your big day.

The Captain

Each event we throw starts with the Event Captain. This person will be by your side from just after you book until you're boogied out. The Event Captain will be the one to help you finalize your menu, book your rentals, work through floor plans, and develop your event schedule.

The Crew

Your Event Captain will also schedule and manage the rest of the team that will make your big day a hit. Depending on the guest list and the services you pick, the crew will consist of cooks, bartenders, servers, bussers, and more.

The Day Of

On the day of the event, the crew makes it happen. They'll be the ones that set up the tables, see that your guests are well-fed, and eventually break down and clean up the space.